After 12 years, TK For Kids has been removed and no longer exists.
We thank you for your support over this time - February 2002 to 13 September 2013.

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TK For Kids  -  About This Site (What it was originally designed for)

TK For Kids is designed to help kids with their homework while keeping them up to date with news. We also have games, free email, download and lots more. TK For Kids has a fun and safe environment for kids to learn, play and interact with each other in many different ways.

TK For Kids was designed by kids for kids back in 2001 **. It is intended that kids can come on to this site and get help with their school work by using a list of great sites that can really help.

TK For Kids also has their own games, forum and downloads to keep them entertained when they do not have any homework. They can choose to play games from our site or other sites out on the web. We also have a news page so that kids can keep up-to-date in what is going on in the world. This information changes every day and comes from reliable sources from around the world. All this and much more is all on TK For Kids.

TK For Kids was first put on the Internet back in February 2002 but long before that was a very extensive development process. The site started out as a vision in our website director's mind and was quickly scribbled down on a bit of paper. After that, with no background in web building, he started to make a homepage. Gradually as he learnt more about how websites are built, it started to gain more ground. More about our history can be found on our history page.

Slowly over time more and more pages were added, until today's present site. This site is updated regularly with great new pages all for kids to use.

** Please note that the "kids" who designed this site (mentioned in the introduction) have grown up and are now young adults. Despite this the site is still being developed and becoming more popular every year through the support of its users.